Learning outcomes: 1 Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a learning and deve

Learning outcomes: 1 Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a learning and development professional. 2 Be able to manage self and workload to deliver timely and effective learning and development services to meet client need. 3 Be able to work collaboratively with others, as a member of a team or working group. 4 Be able to apply CPD techniques to devise, implement and review a personal development plan. Activity 1 1.1 Write an evaluative summary which identifies at least three current practices, trends and at least two emerging roles in L&D. Guideline: you need to discuss three examples (at least) of current trends and practices in L&D you can gain information on these through research, professional experiences. You also need to include a discussion around at least 2 emerging roles within L&D again information from the above sources will prove invaluable for this part of the activity. 1.2 With reference to the CIPD Profession Map and/or other appropriate framework, identify some of the key knowledge, skills and behaviours required by any L&D professional, irrespective of role. You should include a minimum of three examples for each i.e. three for knowledge, three for skills and three for behaviours and indicate why they are important. Guideline: thinking of the requirements, skills and knowledge required by an L&D professional refer to the CIPD Profession Map and identify a range of knowledge, skills and behaviours..then discuss why you think they are important. In order to provide effective justification you should include a minimum of three for each Activity 2 Write a short account in which you: 2.1 Explain and analyse the concept of group dynamics. Guideline: You need to provide a short discussion/account of the term group dynamics including referral to models such as Tuckman, Belbin and interaction analysis tools.also refer to your live class recording and published research on the CIPD website 2.2 Discuss political behaviour in organisations and how it can impact on the achievement of organisation and L&D objectives. Guideline: Provide a short description on what is political behaviour in an organsiational context. Provide commentary on why this occurs and how this can have an impact on the performance of the L&D function.ensure you include examples of both positive and negative political behaviour

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