Linfox is an Australian logistics company, headquartered in Melbourne. There are 24,000 employees… 1 answer below »

Linfox is an Australian logistics company, headquartered in Melbourne. There are 24,000 employees

spanning over twelve countries. Linfox Logistics is Asia Pacific’s largest privately-owned logistics. The

company needs your help to improve internal business processes and overall business performance

of the company. The company is planning to make a significant investment in an enterprise resource

planning system (ERP) but need your advice prior to deciding to integrate all of its business

processes. The company wants to integrate business processes in manufacturing and production,

finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and human resources. In addition, the company want

to reduce labor costs, IT expenses and improve interactions between staff and companies. In

deciding whether the ERP system suit the company needs, you are required to conduct literature

research and include the following in the report:

1. What is meant by an ERP system?

2. Discuss business value of ERP system for Linfox.

3. Using an example (s), discuss how does ERP system work for Linfox. You can also illustrate with a


4. Identify leading ERP software and select the best ones that suit the company needs. Explain your


5. Do research on the cost of the ERP system for large company such as Linfox. Make comparisons

of ERP vendors that are classified as Tier I, II or III according to the type of customers they


Which Tier do you think is suitable for Linfox business needs? Explain your selection.

6. Identify and discuss challenges to the successful implementation of ERP system for Linfox.

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