Marketing/571 Week 1 To Week 6 Quizzes / Mkt 571

Marketing/571 Week 1 To Week 6 Quizzes / Mkt 571

Week 1 Quiz
1) What data analysis type is being used here? When Sam thought about opening a foreign car repair shop in Phoenix, he researched all of the firms in the area before deciding on a location. He also analyzed their capabilities and found articles about many of them in terms of their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Secondary data
  • Licensed information
  • Primary data
  • Tertiary information

2) Which market do customers who have purchased and are driving Audi automobiles represent?

  • Penetrated market
  • Target market
  • Available market
  • Potential market

3) In the U.S., consumer expenditures on homes and other large purchases tend to slow down during a recession because

  • of steady supply of loanable funds in the economy during recession
  • the consumers have a high debt-to-income ratio
  • of stringent credit policies adopted by the Fed before the onset of recession
  • consumer borrowing increases during recession

4) During the holidays, companies often provide gifts to customers. The more a client spends, the larger the gift, usually. To segment customers in this way, for what purpose is this data being mined?

  • To decide which customers should receive a new sales offer
  • To beat the competition to a sale
  • To deepen customer loyalty
  • To avoid serious customer mistakes

5) Wabash Bank would like to understand if there is a relationship between the advertising or promotion it does and the number of new customers the bank gets each quarter. What type of research is this an example of?

  • Exploratory
  • Qualitative
  • Secondary
  • Causal

6) When Apple introduced iTunes, a new market was opened. Which of the following describes this type of innovation?

  • Value chain
  • Presence
  • Value capture
  • Operational excellence

7) Which of the following industries is most likely to use database marketing?

  • A local restaurant
  • A school system
  • A physician’s office
  • A supermarket chain

8) Which strategy does this exemplify? Kayak and Orbitz provide their customers with a variety of travel options including flight reservations, vacation packages, flight and hotel options with or without car rentals, and cruise offerings.

  • Diversification
  • Focus
  • Promotional
  • Differentiation

9) Which of the following is correct about marketing management?

  • It focuses mostly on monitoring the profitability of a company’s products and services.
  • It is defined as the field that deals with planning and managing a business at the highest level of corporate organization.
  • It is primarily concerned with the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues related to marketing products and services.

·         It occurs when at least one party to a potential exchange thinks about the means of achieving desired responses from other parties.
10) Which of the following statements demonstrates behavioral loyalty towards a brand?

  • Myfavorite Laundry detergent smells good.
  • Myfavorite Laundry detergent is so easy to use.
  • My friends agree Myfavorite Laundry detergent is the best.
  • I always buy Myfavorite Laundry detergent when purchasing laundry detergent.

11) The Soccer World Cup is promoted aggressively to both companies and fans. This is an example of marketing a(n)

  • idea
  • place
  • event

·         service
12) One of the most critical steps in the defining process of market research is
·         reading marketing research journals
·         developing a research plan

  • defining the problem, the decision alternatives, and research objectives

·         analyzing the internal environment
13) Costco is able to keep its inventory expenditure relatively low through its management technology and cutting-edge point-of-sale inventory management technology. As a result, Costco is able to pass these savings on to consumers in the form of low prices. This strategy is best described as
·         market development

  • integrative growth
  • overall cost leadership

·         differentiation
14) A company’s sales potential would be equal to market potential when which situations exists?
·         The marketing expenditure of the company is reduced to zero
·         The market is nonexpendable.

  • Industry marketing expenditures approach infinity for a given marketing environment.

·         The company gets 100 percent share of the market.
15) Which of the following elements of sociocultural environment can be associated with the growing demand for social surrogates like social networking sites, television, and so on?

  • Views of organizations
  • Views of ourselves
  • Views of nature

·         Views of others
16) Marketing is considered both an art and a science. How do the 4Ps, or marketing mix, help us bridge the gap between art and science?

  • Marketing is about advertising.
  • Marketing is involved with price as the major factor.
  • Marketing balances the need for data with that of creativity.

·         Marketing focuses on sales as the primary goal.
17) How does the market demand curve change (as a function of marketing expenditure) during recession?
·         Becomes vertical

  • Shifts upward
  • Remains unaffected

·         Shifts downward
18) By 2015, projections indicate that the largest category of households will be composed of
·         single-parent families

  • childless married couples and empty nesters
  • singles living with nonrelatives

·         married couples with children
Week 2 Quiz
1) Which term describes the diverse needs of many ethnic market segments?
·         Multidiversity marketing

  • Multicultural marketing
  • Multifaceted marketing
  • Mass marketing

2) How many primary groups does VALS classify U.S. adults into based on personality traits and key demographics?

  • Two
  • Eight
  • Nine

·         Seven
3) Which of the following is known as the process of creating a segment storyboard to test the attractiveness of each segment?

  • Segment acid test
  • Segment attractiveness
  • Marketing-mix strategy
  • Needs-based segmentation

4) When purchasing, in which state does the consumer set a minimum acceptable cutoff level for each attribute and then makes a buying decision?

  • Indirect heuristic

·         Lexicographic heuristic

  • Elimination-by-aspects heuristic

·         Conjunctive heuristic
5) Which group is experiencing the fastest population growth today?

  • Asian Americans
  • Caucasian Americans
  • Hispanic Americans

·         African Americans
6) Which of the following marketing strategies does not concentrate on recognizing differences in customers’ needs in the organization?

  • Direct
  • Niche
  • Concentrated

·         Undifferentiated
7) Which of the following is known in marketing as attributes of a product or service that may not be unique to the product or service?
·         Points-of-reference

  • Brand reference
  • Points-of-parity

·         Points-of-difference
8) What other dimension helps market segments be measurable, substantial, accessible, and differentiable?
·         Functional

  • Actionable
  • Obtainable

·         Reasonable
9) Which market is known as the invisible market segment?
·         African American

  • Asian American
  • Caucasian American

·         Hispanic American
10) Which of the following is used to determine a competitive frame of reference for brands to compete against other brands due to their closeness as substitutes?
·         Category membership
·         Industry membership

  • Product membership

·         Market membership
11) In behavioral segmentation, a product or service is grouped by which other dimension besides knowledge of, attitude toward, and use of?

  • Relationship to
  • Dimension to
  • Value to

·         Response to
12) Which of the following is a tool a company uses to position its brands attributes in the minds of those in the organization?

  • Industry analysis
  • Brand positioning bull’s eye
  • Competitive analysis

·         Brand perceptual analysis
13) Which of the following tools do marketers use to visually illustrate how consumers view products or services on multivariables?

  • Point-of-difference
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Brand extensions
  • Brand cannibalizations

14) Which other criteria helps make up the three criteria for a successful brand mantra: inspire, simplify, and

  • communicate
  • inflate
  • create

·         infuse
15) Which of the following do brand mantras attempt to define?

  • Brand identity
  • Brand equity
  • Similarity to other brands

·         Points of difference to other brands
16) Which of the following would consumers associate closely with a brand?

  • Points-of-difference
  • Customer focuses
  • Points of reference

·         Brand attitudes
17) What is the second stage of the consumer buying process?

  • Purchase decision
  • Buyer satisfaction
  • Information search

·         Evaluation of alternatives
18) When searching for a supplier, which of the following provides the broadest reach of possible suppliers in today’s competitive market environment?

  • Internet
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Trade directories
  • Business associates

19) Which other dimension is the VALS classification system based on besides consumer motivation?
·         Consumer beliefs

  • Consumer retention
  • Consumer support

·         Consumer resources
20) Which of the following do marketers use to give consumers a special reason for them to purchase a product or service?

  • Product demand
  • Consumer response
  • Value proposition

·         Value-added product
21) Which other factor does an organization’s marketing strategy focus on: segmentation, targeting, and

  • perceptual mapping
  • possession
  • positioning

·         positive marketing
Week 3 Quiz
1  Services high in ________ are those services that have characteristics the buyer normally finds hard to evaluate even after consumption.

  • trial qualities
  • search qualities
  • credence qualities
  • experience qualities

2  Poga International, a multinational beverage corporation, identifies that one of its competitors is launching an apple flavored drink. The company decides to launch an apple flavor brand along with its competitor. What timing strategy is used here?

  • Late entry
  • Parallel entry
  • Exchange entry
  • First entry

3  Most new-product activities are devoted to

  • changing the target markets
  • changing the existing market dynamics
  • improving existing products
  • introducing backward integration

4  One of the ways to change the course of a brand is to modify the product. Under product modification, ________ adds size, weight, materials, supplements, and accessories that expand the product’s performance, versatility, safety, or convenience.

  • technological improvement
  • style improvement
  • feature improvement
  • quality improvement

5  Product-line analysis provides information for two key decision areas: product-line length and ________.

  • product need family
  • product mix-pricing
  • product-class composition

·         popular pricing
6  Using the ________ level of the product hierarchy to market its soups, Campbell Soups feature the company name first, then the soup variety on their packaging.

  • product-class
  • product-line
  • product-type

·         product-family
7  Happy Home Products produces detergents, toothpaste, bar soap, disposable diapers, and paper products. This company has a product ________ of five lines.

  • type
  • class
  • width
  • length

8  Which of the following will most help service providers overcome the limitation of intangibility of services when positioning itself?

  • Working with larger groups
  • Using brand symbols
  • Cultivating non-peak demand
  • Sharing services

9  Which of the following is most closely related with the organic growth of an organization?
·         Increasing productivity of employees

  • Acquiring a product or service brand
  • Developing new products from within

·         Increasing the operational profitability
10  Product launches include many tasks and often take longer than expected. To coordinate effectively, a planning technique such as ______ can be used.

  • key path scheduling
  • task scheduling planner
  • critical path scheduling

·         master scheduling
11  Which of the following is the level at which the product’s primary characteristics operate?

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Performance quality

·         Conformance quality
12  When the physical product cannot be easily differentiated, the key to competitive success may lie in adding valued services and improving their quality. The main service differentiators are ordering ease, delivery, installation, ________, customer consulting, maintenance, and repair.

  • ease of use
  • customer training
  • adaptability

·         technology intensity
13  Which of the following steps will help service firms to increase their quality control?

  • Providing complementary services to customers
  • Adopting differential pricing
  • Standardizing the service performance process

·         Cultivating non-peak demand
14  Some firms might delay the launch of their products until after the competitor has borne the cost of educating the market. Such an entry is called ________ entry.

  • compensating
  • late
  • strategic pay off

·         balancing
15  A dance school in the Bronx teaches professional hip-hop and salsa. It is experiencing an increase in student admissions, which is leading to substantial improvement in profits. The school is going through the ________ phase of its life cycle.

  • maturity
  • decline
  • introduction

·         growth
16  Which of the following is the best example of a new-to-the-world product?

  • Kids-Med, a company that produces childcare products, launches a non-contact thermometer
  • Tata Motors, an Indian automobile company, acquires Jaguar to extend its business
  • Pestorica, a publishing company, decides to launch a new sports magazine

·         Walmart, the retail giant, opens new stores in an underdeveloped African country
17  It was sunny when Jenny went to class, but by the time class was over it was raining heavily, so Jenny stopped by the student store to buy an umbrella before she walked back to her dorm. In this case, the umbrella is an example of a(n) ________.
·         emergency good

  • heterogeneous shopping good
  • specialty good

·         impulse good
18  ________ is the ability of a company to prepare on a large-scale basis individually designed products, services, programs, and communications.
·         Backward compatibility

  • Reverse engineering
  • Mass customization

·         Interoperability
19  The five product levels constitute a ________. At each level more customer value is added.
·         business model

  • demand chain
  • customer-value hierarchy

·         value grid
20  Campbell Soups is a newly established company that specializes in preparing healthy but tasty food for children under the age of 5. It is incurring huge production costs, nonexistent profits, and slow sales growth. The company is in the ________ phase of its life cycle.

  • decline
  • maturity
  • introduction

·         growth
21  Marketers must see themselves as benefit providers. For example, when a shopper purchases new shoes, he or she expects the shoes to cover his or her feet and allow him or her to walk unobstructed. This is an example of what level in the consumer-value hierarchy?

  • Basic product
  • Pure tangible product
  • Potential product
  • Augmented product

Week 4 Quiz
1) Which marketing system is another channel development in which two or more companies put together resources to exploit an emerging market opportunity?

  • Conventional marketing system
  • Horizontal marketing system
  • Strategic marketing system
  • Vertical marketing system

2) What type of system does a firm employ to decide about the most critical decisions management faces?

  • Pulling system
  • Advertising strategic system
  • Pushing system

·         Marketing channel system
3) What type of marketing system includes the producer, wholesaler(s), and retailer(s) acting as a unified system?

  • Triangular marketing system
  • Vertical marketing system
  • Horizontal marketing system

·         Rectangular marketing system
4) When the number of intermediaries are severely limited, this means an

  • strategic distribution
  • marketing distribution
  • inclusive distribution

·         exclusive distribution
5) Which agreements are not necessarily illegal, but they do violate U. S. law if they tend to lessen competition substantially?

  • Marketing agreements
  • Tying agreements
  • Promising agreements

·         Loosening agreements
6) Which strategy uses the manufacturer’s advertising, promotion, and other forms of communication to persuade consumers?

  • Pull strategy
  • Downward strategy
  • Push strategy

·         Upward strategy
7) What takes place when dealers purchase some or all of a product line?

  • Full-line forcing
  • Part-line forcing
  • Half-line forcing

·         Forcing by brand
8) What mode of entry is it when local and foreign investors share ownership and control?

  • Direct investment
  • Joint venture
  • Foreign investment

·         Sole proprietor
9) What form describes a buyer and seller directly exchanging goods with no money and no third party involved?

  • Barter
  • Offset
  • Auction
  • Sale

10) What type of distribution places the goods or services in as many outlets as possible?

  • Selective distribution
  • Exclusive distribution
  • Intensive distribution

·         Marketing distribution
11) Companies are pursuing which objective when they start with prices high and slowly drop them over time?

  • Market skimming
  • Market pricing
  • Market tactics

·         Focusing on market share
12) Which strategy is appropriate when there is low brand loyalty in a category and brand choice is made in the store?

  • Side pull strategy
  • Downward strategy
  • Push strategy

·         Pull strategy
13) Which companies have launched a website without any previous existence as a firm?
·         Employee-centered companies

  • Customer-centered companies
  • Pure-click companies

·         Brick-and-click
14) Which type of distribution relies on some intermediaries willing to carry a particular product?

  • Selective distribution
  • Planned distribution
  • Strategic distribution

·         Marketing distribution
15) What is a simple way to engage in international marketing?

  • Licensing
  • Travel abroad
  • Cultural attainment

·         Communications
16) What type of marketing channel consists of an independent producer, wholesaler(s), and retailer(s)?

  • Horizontal marketing system
  • Rectangular marketing system
  • Vertical marketing system

·         Conventional marketing system
17) What is the practice that allows companies to maximize their market share by believing a higher sales volume will lead to lower unit costs and higher long-run profit while assuming the market price is sensitive?

  • Target pricing
  • Market skimming
  • Sensitive pricing

·         Market-penetration pricing
18) What is an ultimate form of foreign involvement?

  • Foreign trade
  • Direct ownership
  • Direct investment

·         Foreign investment
19) When companies estimate the demand and costs associated with alternative prices, they will choose the price that produces

  • maximum current profit
  • break-even current profit
  • negative current profit

·         lowest current profit
20) What type of deal takes place when the seller receives some percentage of the payment in cash and the rest in products?

  • Offset
  • Free trade
  • Compensation deal

·         Barter
21) When a seller agrees to accept partial payment of products manufactured with the supplied equipment it is called
·         trade agreements

  • free trade agreements
  • buyback arrangement

·         price adaptation
Week 5 Quiz
1) Which of the following benefits is offered by sales promotion tools?
·         They are typically an indirect form of soft-sell and hence, better received by customers.

  • They can reach prospects who prefer to avoid mass media and targeted promotions.

·         They allow buyers personal choices and encourage them to respond directly.
·         They incorporate some concession, inducement, or contribution that gives value to the consumer.
2) When Starbucks introduced its Tazo Tea line to bring in new customers who had never gone to Starbucks because they don’t drink coffee, Starbucks was employing a ________ strategy.

  • new-market segment
  • market-penetration
  • niche identification

·         geographical-expansion
3) ________ is an aggressive maneuver where the firm attacks first, perhaps with guerrilla action, across the market, keeping everyone off balance.
·         Preemptive defense

  • Position defense
  • Contraction defense

·         Flank defense
4) ________ is based on the premise that marketers can no longer use interruption marketing via mass media campaigns.

  • Permission marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Internet marketing

·         Database marketing
5) Which of the following equations accurately describes the total number of exposures (E) of an advertising message through a given medium?

  • E = reach * frequency * impact
  • E = (reach * frequency) / impact
  • E = frequency / reach

·         E = reach * frequency
6) Total customer satisfaction is measured based on the relationship of

  • past experience and present experience
  • advertised outcomes and real outcomes
  • perceived performance and expectation

·         expected value and total customer benefit
7) Which of the following statements correctly reflects a characteristic of public relations as a marketing communications tool?

  • Public relations can reach prospects who prefer to avoid mass media and targeted promotions.
  • They incorporate some concession, inducement, or contribution that gives value to the consumer.
  • Given their live, real-time quality, public relations tools are more actively engaging for consumers.

·         Public relations communications can be prepared to appeal to the addressed individual.
8) When dealing with a public relations crisis, a _____ can be a useful online tool to communicate with internal stakeholders.

  • crisis site
  • dark site
  • public site

·         white site
9) Mountain Dew is a brand known for sponsorships of adventure events such as snowboarding and skateboarding competitions. What is the most likely objective of Mountain Dew’s sponsorship of these events?

  • To create perceptions of key brand image associations
  • To enhance corporate image
  • To express commitment to the community or on social issues

·         To entertain key clients or reward key employees
10) Selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, and occasional legal action are commonplace in the strategic design of

  • a frontal attack
  • a bypass attack
  • guerilla warfare

·         an encirclement attack
11) When a consumer considers a product or service, he or she will choose whichever product or service delivers the highest

  • customer lifetime value
  • customer-perceived value
  • customer-perceived cost

·         customer equity
12) What function does a company’s public relations department perform when it promotes understanding of the organization through internal and external communications?

  • Product publicity
  • Press relations
  • Counseling

·         Corporate communications
13) Under which of the following conditions is the frequency the most important factor in media selection?

  • When launching infrequently purchased brands
  • When going into undefined target markets
  • When introducing flanker brands

·         When there is high consumer resistance to the product
14) Which of the following circumstances are best suited for the use of personal selling?

  • When prospective customers are spread across a wide geographic area
  • When the products used are simple and easy-to-use
  • When the market has fewer and larger sellers

·         When there is minimal risk involved in buying or using the products
15) In order to help anticipate public relations crises it’s important to think about the possible events that could occur and the appropriate management response. This is often referred to as

  • imagining the risk
  • imagining the worst
  • preventative planning

·         dreaming about the future
16) An insider trading crisis for an organization is what type of public relations crisis?

  • Act of nature
  • Intentional event
  • Act of upheaval

·         Unintentional event
17) Rachel and Josh are on vacation in Hawaii. When they arrived at the hotel, they were offered chilled juice. Their check-in formalities were handled by the staff. When they entered their room, they saw that chocolates had been placed on the pillows and a flower arrangement on the table. The hotel’s actions are an example of

  • customer perceived value
  • customer lifetime value

·         a customer touch point
·         customer value analysis
18) ________ is finding the most cost-effective media to deliver the desired number and type of exposures to the target audience.

  • Media scheduling
  • Copy testing
  • Content analysis

·         Media selection
19) BS Bikes has recently introduced a series of bikes called Surami. The core positioning of TBS Bikes is “speed”. Surami is a five-gear bike and, apart from speed, the company promises to include other features such as safety, good performance, and pollution control features. This describes the ________ of the bike.

  • total customer cost
  • value-delivery system
  • customer-perceived value
  • value proposition

20) Which of the following factors forms the basis of assessing sponsorship activities through supply-side methods?

  • Brand exposure reported by consumers
  • Extent of media coverage
  • Consumers’ brand knowledge

·         Impact on sponsor’s bottom line
21) Companies provide rewards to customers who buy often and in substantial amounts. These reward schemes are referred to as

  • quality programs
  • satisfaction programs
  • frequency programs

·         benefit programs
Week 6 Quiz
1) Which of the following is an example of a distribution metric used for measuring the performance of marketing plans?

  • Customer acquisition
  • Effective reach
  • Market share
  • Stock cover in days

2) Which of the following is likely to be an important trend in marketing in the future?

  • Marketing intuition
  • Marketing science
  • Mass marketing
  • Manual marketing

3) A ________ is a comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic examination of a company’s or business unit’s marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities, with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve the company’s marketing performance.

  • market-based scorecard analysis
  • marketing metric
  • marketing plan
  • marketing audit

4) The purpose of strategic control is to

  • examine whether the company is pursuing its best opportunities with respect to markets, products, and channels
  • understand the efficiency of the sales force, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution
  • examine where the company is making and losing money
  • evaluate and improve the spending efficiency and impact of marketing expenditures

5) Straight extension of the product means

  • introducing the product to the foreign market with major changes to the product
  • introducing the product to the foreign market without any changes to the product
  • introducing a customized product to the foreign market with existing marketing strategy
  • introducing a customized product to the foreign market with a new marketing strategy

6) Cadbury’s “Sports for Schools” promotion offered sports and fitness equipment for schools in exchange for vouchers. The problem was that the public and media saw a perverse incentive for children to eat more chocolate, a product associated with obesity. Which of the following best summarizes Cadbury’s problem?

  • Customers felt that the cause was not in sync with the company’s brand image.
  • Customers questioned the link between the product and the cause and saw the firm as self-serving and exploitive.
  • Consumers did not value the cause Cadbury was promoting.
  • Consumers resented being sold an inferior product on the back of a cause-marketing program

7) Rising customer expectations, evolving employee goals and ambitions, and tighter government legislation and pressure are driving companies to

  • manage shorter supply chains
  • operate flatter organizations
  • practice a higher level of corporate social responsibility
  • operate leaner manufacturing facilities

8) ______ is an obligation to act in a way expected of a reasonable person.

  • Litigation
  • Reliance
  • Liability
  • Duty

9) ________ is the process by which firms assess the effects of their marketing activities and programs and make necessary changes and adjustments.

  • Market watch
  • Marketing implementation
  • Test marketing
  • Marketing control

10) Which of the following refers to the ability to meet humanity’s needs without harming future generations?

  • Sustainability
  • Greenwashing
  • Scalability
  • Ecological footprinting

11) Which characteristic of a marketing audit is described by the methodical evaluation of the macro- and micromarketing environments, objectives and strategies, system, and activities?

  • Periodic
  • Systematic
  • Comprehensive
  • Independent

12) Your firm has decided to enter the international market with your product called Trema, a combination of a pocket organizer and cell phone. Even though the product has been a huge success in the home country, market research suggests some changes may be required before it can be introduced in Europe. Your CMO is of the opinion that the product requires certain extra features and the product will also have to be marketed differently. Your CMO is advocating

  • straight extension
  • dual adaptation
  • product standardization
  • forward adaptation

13) A PR practitioner may be subject to conspiracy in these situations: when the practitioner participates in illegal action, counsels or guides the illegal policy, takes part in it, or

  • cooperates to further illegal action
  • uncovers illegal action
  • imagines illegal policy may occur
  • unknowingly works with a corrupt agency

14) To protect a creative work from being published in any other manner, a company or author would ____________ the material.

  • patent
  • freelance
  • copyright
  • trademark

15) Marketing effectiveness rating instruments and marketing audits are approaches to

  • efficiency control
  • profitability control
  • annual-plan control
  • strategic control

16) The purpose of profitability control is to

  • examine whether the company is pursuing its best opportunities with respect to markets, products, and channels
  • understand the efficiency of the sales force, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution
  • examine where the company is making and losing money
  • evaluate and improve the spending efficiency and impact of marketing expenditures

17) The marketing audit reviews six components of the overall marketing arena including the marketing environment, marketing strategy, marketing organization, marketing systems, marketing productivity and

  • marketing mix
  • marketing control
  • marketing function
  • marketing development

18) A marketing audit is typically best conducted by a(n)

  • internal department
  • internal marketing executive
  • outside consultant
  • a. self-audit

19) A Gucci bag sells for $120 in Italy and $240 in the United States due to the differences in the costs of distributing the product in the two countries. This phenomenon is called a(n)

  • tactical pricing problem
  • price escalation problem
  • opportunity cost problem
  • market pricing problem

20) Which of the following is an example of a communication metric used for measuring the performance of marketing plans?

  • Response rate
  • Trial rate
  • Sales growth
  • New customer gains

21) Which of the following is true regarding a marketing audit?

  • It focuses on a firm’s macromarketing environment
  • It identifies the most-needed improvements and incorporates them into a corrective-action plan with short- and long-run steps.
  • It relies on feedback from company managers for data and opinions.
  • It focuses on analysis of those marketing activities that have failed to produce adequate results


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