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Yasamin Fazli Sep 25, 2021 1:06 PM Yasamin Fazli Professor: Eliza ESL 122 09/25/2021 Life story in two different countries Freedom in the life is one of the things that everyone wants it. My story is about the old and new page of life in the United States and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is my hometown, but I do not have a good memory of that. Because when I was there, I did not have a safe life. I worked as a teacher with Ministry of education at Kabul. I worked with this Ministry more than eight years as a science and computer teacher during these eight years and before these years. I was too worried about myself and my kids because every day we had car bomb attacks, suicide attacks and kidnapping; moreover, we had a spoiled security situation outside home, office and school. First, my home so far from my work place (I lived in district five, but my office located at district 10). Every day when I left home, I did not believe to come back home and to see my family’s members; furthermore, my family’s members did not believe to see me again because Taliban and other terrorists group warning to those women that they worked with Afghan government and foreign agencies. They did not uterus on public people too. They attacked on these places where people come together, like mosques, school, hospital, market and other places. Sometime they tried to find our home address it is really dangerous for me and for my all family’s members. In this condition we tried to stay at home. We did not go out more, and also we did not let our kids to go out because we were afraid about them that time. Second, I always worried about my kids when they went to school I did not sure. Did they come back home or not because my daughter was seven years old and my son was six on that time. Every morning their father dropped off them in the school and picked up them from school. The school was to near our home, but situation was not good because there were more kidnappers too. They just kidnap kids and after that they wanted too much money from his or her family if the family could not prepare that money, they killed that kid; moreover, they put his or her body in the river, desert or in front of their home that was really painful for me and for my family’s members. Fortunately, we came to the United Stated on end of October 2017. When we arrived to the United Stated, we had a lot of problems, such as language problem and something else, but after a period of time we adjusted ourselves with them. Right now, we have a lot of good opportunities here in our life, like freedom, life safety and especially education facility. Our kids go to school; moreover, we do not worry about them. They are really happy at school, and every day changes come in their life. I hope they will have a better future here. Duraid Ahmed Sep 25, 2021 8:03 PM Happy moments of my life Today, I want to tell you about the most beautiful and happiest moment in my life, one of the beautiful hours that a person lives and is cemented in his memory and has a special impact on the course of his life when a new born comes into his life. A special atmosphere of intimacy, peace and happiness My wife was 9 months pregnant and my wife and I prepared everything for the arrival of the new baby and also bought the finest clothes for the baby too. We got the car seat and the bed. It was a night like all nights and suddenly I woke up to my wife screaming in pain. I knew she was going to give birth, so I hurried to get dressed and took her to the hospital. On the way, she talked to the hospital so they could call her doctor. When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor was waiting for us and took my wife to the operating room and took me with her too. The doctors were by her side and I sat next to her and she was screaming in pain and I held her hand to ease her pain and she was looking at me like she was asking me for help. After a few minutes, I heard my baby screaming and the nurse took the baby and bathed her. Moments later, the nurse came back to the room and gave me the baby and said, “Congratulations, you have a beautiful girl.” I was looking at her and feeling like telling her that she would come home with us I was wondering if she looked like me or her mother I was talking to her and telling her that your mom bought you nice things. I gave the child to my wife, and she laid it on her chest and kissed it as if to say to her, Your father and I are waiting for you, and you are now among us. Then my wife and I agreed to give her the name Judy, and indeed I went to the reception department and told them to register the name of the child Judy. Then I called my mother to tell her that I had become a father. My mother was very happy and said congratulations. She asked me if your wife and child were fine, and I told her yes, and at the end of the next day we came home on that happy day. All the family and loved ones visited us, and the house was very full, and everyone was happy and joyful. But no one was as happy as my father because he has a granddaughter now and after ten years my daughter is now in the fourth grade of primary school and I am very proud of her and I wish her a beautiful future. Savan Hanna Sep 23, 2021 9:25 PM The day I woke up at 7:30 AM to leave Iraq 09/15/2009 I and my parents got everything ready to leave the house. One thing happened to me before I left the house and surprised me and also I wasn’t imagining that will happen. I was walking down through stairs holding my bags. “I was trying to smell the house as much I can before I leave it and the smell was so great it smelled like kind of flowers and also I was looking all around the house checking out the family pictures on the wall and the nice old clocks I also went to our backyard we had so much of trees olives, orange, tangerine, lemon and pomegranate trees”. I also had a very nice an old car toy I used love playing with it I had leave it in the house because it was so heavy and I had a limit for my bags for flying and I cried when I leave it in the house because I had that toy since I was 4 years old. I also went to say goodbye to my neighbors and my friends they started crying because I was leaving them i and my friends started talking about our memories “like on how we used play soccer together and how we used eat together and also go out together” and then I went back to my house to say goodbye to my grandpa, grandma, auntie and my cousins they start crying because they know we won’t be able to see each other again for long time. I started walking to the car with my bags when I was by the main house door my grandpa called me up and said to me “Savan maybe I will not see you again” after that he started taking off his ring which is its the oldest family ring. The ring was the most specialized thing for our family because my grandpa was the one made it with real silver color with very nice design. I got shocked when I had the ring on my hands and I asked my grandpa “why did you pick me to hold that ring”? He said “Savan my soon you mean a lot to me and to the family and you deserve that ring and also in the future give it to your kids”. In that moment I felt so special and how lucky I am to have such great family. Then I went torch my grandpa and started thanking him and kissing his hand and I said to him that ring means a lot for me and I will be the responsible of it and then we start driving to the airport. My last day in my house was so special and thankful to have a such great family and friends.
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