movie analysis 1

In this course, you will analyze several movies that feature teamwork. Choose one movie to analyze in each of the first three modules from the following list:
Remember the Titans
School of Rock
Ocean’s Eleven
The Italian Job
The Incredibles
Twelve Angry Men
Toy Story 1, 2, or 3 (Choose only one of these)
Marvel’s Avengers
A League of Their Own
Coach Carter
Apollo 13
You will complete the following list of questions about each movie. Be sure to read the questions thoroughly BEFORE you watch the movie, and take notes as you watch.
1. Give a one-paragraph summary of the movie plot in your own words (not the description on the DVD/Netflix, etc.).
2. Who is the “team” in this movie? What is their purpose or goal?
3. Name the members of the team and identify their roles. (Refer to Chapter 2)
4. What kind of conflict is present for this team? How is it managed? (Refer to Chapter 7)
5. Does “groupthink” occur with this team? (Chapter 7, page 3)
6. Describe the 4 stages of team growth in this movie. (Refer to Chapter 6)
7. Can you identify any obvious mistakes made by any member(s) of this team? Explain.