National Health Policy Conference

1 How health care moves forward. Judith de La incera Nurs 510 2 How health care moves forward. The health care policy meeting that I am seeking approval for is America’s Health Insurance Plan’s National Health Policy Conference in March 2021 online (AHIP, 2021). The meeting will be virtual because a physical meeting cannot be possible with the threat posed by the Covid-19 pandemic existing. This conference is a formal meeting with individuals with shared interests in matters concerning public health policy and will take place from 9th to 11th March 2021. The conference entails a virtual meeting of minds that are most respected in healthcare and will create room for connection with leaders from organizations that provide healthcare insurance, policy professionals, administration officials, and lawmakers as they share insights on how to make healthcare organizations move forward. The focus of the meeting is to share perspectives on issues of healthcare that matter right now and as the healthcare organizations plan their future. This meeting is also crucial in shedding light on healthcare policy issues that the citizens of America face, especially with the changes that the pandemic has brought about. The goal of the meeting is to ensure that by the end of it, the great minds would have established ways through which they can contribute to positive change in healthcare in terms of influencing policy changes and other healthcare improvements and establish how to effectively move forward in providing healthcare to the population. There are several items on the agenda for the meeting in establishing how health care moves forward as the country struggles with important priorities like overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, advancing the access and affordability of healthcare, improving care quality, and addressing the leading healthcare policy considerations. The forward-thinking discussions concerning healthcare policy in the meeting include the following topics. Health care Policy Priorities for Congress and the new administration, 2021 Health Policy Priorities for Medicaid, 3 Policy Priorities in the States: An Environmental Scan, A Conversation on Drug Pricing and Policy: What Lies Ahead? AHIP Member Briefing: Future for Drug Policy: Perspectives from the Hill, Medicare Innovation in 2021 and beyond, and Legal Protections for Access to Health Care among other topics related to access and quality of care in the future and how to navigate through the challenges that are currently being faced by the country concerning the availability, access, and quality of Health Care. Each of the 30 keynote speakers addressing each of the topics to be discussed in the meeting will be given between 10 to 50 minutes to present their perspectives. The public policy matters discussed in this conference are crucial to the health and welfare of the population. For this reason, I think it is crucial that this meeting is approved because failure to do so will hinder the establishment of solutions to the healthcare issues that the population faces today. The conference addresses fundamental issues of public health concern and how organizations can navigate those issues as they move forward. Therefore, I think it is vital that the meeting is allowed for the best interest of the population in the country. This conference was planned with current issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. The discussion of the policy matters is aimed at ensuring that the necessary measures are put in place by policymakers and government legislators to ensure that the necessary changes are made to existing policies to meet the current public health needs, and new policies are created for the emerging healthcare issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. This is important in ensuring that health care moves forward to effectively meet the healthcare needs of the population. The different perspectives shared in the conference are crucial in facilitating decision-making by policymakers and healthcare organizations in the United States. Great ideas are bound to be created with great minds coming together. This is the reason why this virtual public health policy should be permitted. 4 Reference America’s Health Insurance Plans (2021). National Health Policy Conference. March 09 – 11, 2021. Virtual.

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