Need help with LGMT 636 Transportation Management

LGMT 636 Transportation Management

Each student must prepare a formal 10-page paper on a topic of your choice related to global logistics or supply chain management. Specific topics must be approved by your instructor in advance. Your paper, which is worth 100 points and 20% of your grade, will be evaluated based on the criteria in the rubric linked in the submission activity.

Your paper should include the following:

•Demonstrating quality and depth of content

•Organizing the report properly

•Following formatting requirements:

◦Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font

◦Double Spaced

◦Use of Page Numbers

◦Title Page

◦Table of Contents

◦Appropriate labels on figures and tables

•Demonstrating correct grammar and evidence of proof-reading, i.e., no spelling errors

•Including a variety and documentation of references used; format for references follows APA Guidelines

Required APA Format for Research Paper

The format for your research paper can be found in the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association(APA). Take this opportunity to become familiar with the APA Manual (Links to an external site.) and its format.

Term Paper Outline

Transportation Security

I.  Transportation Security Overview

II.  Enhancing a Secure Travel Experience

III.  Aviation Security

A.  •Intelligence gathering and analysis

B.  •Checking passenger manifests against watch lists

C.  •Random canine team searches at airports

D.  •Federal air marshals

E.  •Federal flight deck officers

F.  Improving Aviation Security

IV.  Travel

A.  Domestic

B.  International  

C.  Expediting Travel While Enhancing Security

V.  Cargo Screening

A.  Strategy: Promote the Efficient and Secure Movement of Goods

B.  International Partnerships

VI.  Transportation Security Results

VII.  The Department of Homeland Security

  Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

VIII.  Conclusion:  Secure Flight