One of the business faculty members at ITT Technical Institute recently stated to the chair of the b

One of the business faculty members at ITT Technical Institute recently stated to the chair of the business program that there was not enough visibility around the project management degree within the school. The chair of the business program, in turn, has asked for volunteers to help in a project. The project will be to create a project management student group at ITT Technical Institute. One of the biggest reasons that it was felt that the project management student group needs to be created was to increase the awareness of the project management career path in the workforce today. By starting a student group, students would have access to a vast array of resources and knowledge that they may not be receiving during the normal classroom experience. The student group would allow for additional guest speakers that may not be available during normal class times. The guest speakers would be able to give real-life stories and scenarios related to project management, how the methodology works within the organization, and how a project manager fits within the hierarchy of the management structure. The chair of the business program also feels that this will be an exceptional networking event for the students to meet with professionals who are currently in the field they are studying. The main focus of the student group would be to have a guest speaker at least three times per year, speaking about a particular industry or area in regards to project management. With the opportunity for additional guest speakers, students of all majors within ITT Technical Institute will be able to learn about the industry, real-life experiences, and what they can expect as they graduate from ITT Technical Institute. This is also a great opportunity to show employers that ITT Technical Institute has a strong project management course of study, training the future workforce in project management. The chair of the business program would like the student group to be up and running, with at least 25 students after two quarters.Unfortunately, there will be no additional funding that will be allocated to the student group. It is your job as the project manager to get this group operational in the time indicated. Based on the given scenario, analyze the requirements discussed and develop a scope document that includes: A problem statement and Constraints.Submission Requirements: Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:  Font: Arial, Size: 12 point  Length: 2–3 pages  Line Spacing: Double

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