Option 4: I need to be able to interact with people online who might act as testers of my products,

Option 4: I need to be able to interact with people online who might act as testers of my products, so I need to analyze tweet data in real time to determine if they are likely users and then try to engage them online. What resources do I need to effectively analyze the data and engage users online?

Option 5: I am not doing any analytics today, just completing some spreadsheets. Should I build an internal team or buy services? Who should I assemble to determine whether an internal team can handle this task or outside services need to be purchased? What measures should I use?

Step 3: Develop and author a business plan.

Consider your options for building an effective analytics team to meet the needs of the organization. Build a plan that includes the following elements:

• An analysis of the problem and its relationship to the organizational context. Describe the organizational setting, including its currently analytical capabilities and the specific needs you are trying to address in the development of an analytical team.
• A summary of the gaps in the existing resources and what capabilities are needed to address the organizational problem.
• A discussion of the structure of your team. Articulate what role each team member would play and how you would structure these resources. Be sure that you include an explanation of why you have structured the team as you have.
• A summary of the benefits for building analytical capacity. Remember the importance of communicating about analytics to non-technical professionals. How will you defend the resources used to create this team and build our organizations analytical efforts.


In assessing this assignment, I am looking for evidence of the following:

You were able to communicate principles and effective implementation strategies for building and maintaining an analytics team
You were able to assess an organizations analytical maturity and design appropriate analytics strategy to meet organizational needs
You were able to synthesize and apply the reading material, present concepts clearly in a written format, and create a coherent, well-supported plan to build out an effective team