Overview: This assignment will give you experience with 1.Designing a moderate size application 2. C

Overview: This assignment will give you experience with 1.Designing a moderate size application 2. Coding and debugging amoderate size application in Java 3. Using major object-orientedfeatures in Java Project Topic Your team will implement a Library ManagementSystem. You will need to do some research on what a robust LMS willinclude in the way of features and interfaces. The project will beto design and build an online Library Management System. LibraryManagement involves tracking assets like books, periodicals, videos(DVD, etc). It supports operations like check-in, check-out, etc.Information is kept on each asset including, for instance, thefollowing: • Title • Author • Format (book, CD, DVD, online media,etc) • Catalog item number • Replacement cost • Etc. Regardingimplementation: 1. The functions implemented are up to the group. Arobust LMS has to handle a number of different occurrences (lossesof items, recovery of costs, status of each item, etc.) 2. The UserInterface design is up to the group. This can be a text basedinterface, a GUI interface, etc. Note: When you start coding,create a package in Eclipse called ‘LMS’ that will hold the entiresystem. Content Requirement This is a moderate project which should beimplemented using object oriented features in Java. As such, yourdesign and final submission must make use of the following Javafeatures at a minimum: • Classes • Abstract Classes • Inheritance •Composition • Interfaces • Polymorphism • Overriding of methods •Overloading of methods More specifically, the system should beimplemented with the following minimum uses of Java to implementfeatures: 1. At least 3 classes should be used to implementfunctionality related to people in the system. Different people inthe LMS include librarians, administrators, and clients (people whocheck out books, etc). These should use the inheritance feature. 2.The Library management system should use array variables tomaintain its book list. These arrays should use polymorphism to beable to store any type of media item in a single array. 3. Theobjects in the library (books, dvds, etc) should be implemented asdifferent classes (one class for each type of media). These classesshould use an interface to dictate which functions each class mustsupport. 4. There should be a set of functions supported by mediaclasses (checkout, return, is_lost, etc) 5. The overall librarymanagement system should have functions that report a. The numberof media items in the entire library system b. The number of itemschecked out c. The number of items lost d. Other informationdecided by the team . . .

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