Presidential Election Analysis

Hillary Clinton reportedly cited the FBI letter sent to Congress on October 28 as a turning point in her campaign.  She placed much of the blame for her loss on that turn of events.  Please read the following article: (Links to an external site.)

Meanwhile, other political analysts say Donald Trump’s performance among key demographics and the so called “silent majority” pushed him to victory.  Please also review this analysis: (Links to an external site.)

1. After reviewing that information my question to you is this:  Why do you think Donald Trump won the election?  Was it the majority of Americans who were fed up with traditional politicians and wanted a change or was it a significant mistrust of Hillary Clinton that led Americans in key swing states to vote against her?  Or do you think it was something else? Write an 250 words discussion.

2. Write a 5 sentences comment for the following paragragh.

I feel like Trump won because there is more Americans out there who felt like he was better fit for the job. Also the fact that he is not a politician probably helped more people choose that they were ready for a change of pace. It was a very interesting election, in fact I watched the entire thing for 9 hours straight because I was so into it. I was shocked that Hillary won the popular vote and trump won the electoral votes. I was not shocked on who won which but rather the fact that there was in theory two different things won was very interesting to me. Going back to the silent majority, I felt like Trump had that in the bag because in my opinion there is more hard working people in America who wanted to change in the system with someone from a different background. I do not believe that the election was rigged by any of the parties because the underdog won, if it was truly rigged I feel like Hillary would have won because she has more connections in the political world then Trump does and she won the popular vote.