< Previous Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of either the companys operations or th

< Previous Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of either the companys operations or the global camera/drone marketplace in which the company competes? o In Years 6-9, worldwide unit sales of UAV drones are reliably projected to grow much faster in North America and Europe-Africa than in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific The company has a staff of people engaged in new product R&D; the pipeline of product enhancement capabilities flowing from their efforts enables the company to modify/improve the specs for important components, add/modify performance features, upgrade the internal software, make assorted other design-related changes, and introduce new and/or improved models each year. The company assembles cameras and drones usually within two weeks of receiving an order and strives to ship an order no later than 2-3 days after assembly. No camera models or drone models are assembled in advance, warehoused in company facilities, and then used to fill incoming orders. o The company has two buildings for assembling products at its Taiwan site–one for es assembly of an action-camera model having features and specifications suitable for assembling cameras and one for assembling drones (the drone assembly process also includ use in camera-equipped drones). nce the companys action-capture cameras are assembled and tested, the company ships them across the world to re chains and online retailers that sell electronics p roducts and to a wide variety of local retail shops stocking and merchandising (or sometimes renting) action-capture cameras to their customers.” aria-describedby=”db1″> Question 14 Next >

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