Produce a critical analysis of a contemporary issue in consumer behavior

Faculty of Business and Law
Assignment Brief

Module Title: Buyer Behaviour   Assignment Number 1
Module Code: 211MKT   Assignment Title Coursework
      Assignment Weighting 50%
Release Date: w/c 30th Jan 2017    

Assessment Information
This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes:
Students must be able to:
Demonstrate an understanding of the main theories in consumer behaviour and how these can be applied in marketing endeavours.
Understand the psychological underpinnings of consumer behavior
Produce a critical analysis of a contemporary issue in consumer behavior
This assignment is an individual assignment.
Coursework Questions:
The coursework comprises of a 2250-word individual essay on the below topic:

Using theories of consumer behavior discuss and analyse how cultural values and social class influence pro-environmental consumption.

A penalty of 10% of the mark is applied if the word limit is exceeded more than 10% or is below the limit by more than 10%
Criteria for Assessment


Mark range
Class I
90 – 100%
80 – 89%
70 – 79%
In addition to that for 70 – 79% below, an outstanding answer that could hardly be bettered.  High degree of understanding, critical/analytic skills and original research, where specified.  Outstanding in all respects.
In addition to that for 70 – 79% below, the answer will demonstrate an excellent level of understanding, presence of clear description, critical/analytical skills or research, as appropriate.
Answer entirely relevant to the assignment set.  Answer will demonstrate clear understanding of theories, concepts, issues and methodology, as appropriate.  There will be evidence of wide-ranging reading and/or research, as appropriate, beyond the minimum recommended. Answers will be written/presented in a clear, well-structured way with clarity of expression.  At level 3, evidence of independent, critical thought would normally be expected.
Class II : I
65 – 69%
60 – 64%
Answer demonstrating a very good understanding of the requirements of the assignment.  Answer will demonstrate very good understanding of theories, concepts, issues and methodology, as appropriate.  Answer will be mostly accurate/appropriate, with few errors.  Little, if any, irrelevant material may be present.    Reading beyond the recommended minimum will be present where appropriate.  Well organised and clearly written/presented.
A good understanding, with few errors.  Some irrelevant material may be present.  Well organised and clearly written/presented.  Some reading/research beyond recommended in evidence.
Class II : II
55 – 59%
50 – 54%
Answer demonstrating a good understanding of relevant theories, concepts, issues and methodology.  Some reading/research beyond that recommended may be present.  Some errors may be present and inclusion of irrelevant material.  May not be particularly well-structured, and/or clearly presented.
Answer demonstrating a reasonable understanding of theories, concepts, issues and methodology.  Answer likely to show some errors of understanding.  May be significant amount of irrelevant material.  May not be well-structured and expression/presentation may be unclear at times.
Class III
45 – 49%
40 – 44%
An understanding demonstrated, but may be incomplete and with some errors.  Limited use of material with limited reading/research on the topic.  Likely to be poorly structured and not well-expressed/presented.  Irrelevant material likely to be present.
Basic understanding demonstrated, with some correct description. Answer likely to be incomplete with substantial errors or misunderstandings.  Little use of material and limited reading/research on the topic in evidence.  May be poorly structured and poorly expressed/presented.  Some material may be irrelevant to the assignment requirements.
Marginal fail
35 – 39%
Some relevant material will be present. Understanding will be poor with little evidence of reading/research on the topic.  Fundamental errors and misunderstanding likely to be present.  Poor structure and poor expression/presentation.  Much material may not be relevant to the assignment.
30 – 34%
20 – 29%
0 – 19%
Inadequate answer with little relevant material and poor understanding of theories, concepts, issues and methodology, as appropriate.  Fundamental errors and misunderstandings will be present.  Material may be largely irrelevant.  Poorly structured and poorly expressed/presented.
Clear failure to provide answer to the assignment.  Little understanding and only a vague knowledge of the area.  Serious and fundamental errors and lack of understanding.  Virtually no evidence of relevant reading/research.  Poorly structured and inadequately expressed/presented.
Complete failure, virtually no understanding of requirements of the assignment.  Material may be entirely irrelevant.  Answer may be extremely short, and in note form only.  Answer may be fundamentally wrong, or trivial.  Not a serious attempt.

To pass this coursework you will need to demonstrate:
o    The ability to access and research appropriate academic literature.
o    The ability to APPLY theories of consumer behaviour or to apply to the essay what was read in the appropriate academic literature
o    Skills of analysis, compilation and structure.
o    Essays should be more than descriptive collations of library material and should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and practice, and demonstrate thoughtful and critical analysis of issues.
Marks will be therefore be awarded for evidence of:
o    good research skills and the effective use of appropriate literature throughout the essay
o    analytical rigour (good analytical skills)
o    a critical perspective throughout the essay
o    demonstration of understanding of all relevant concepts
o    good application of theory to practice
o    use of appropriate examples throughout the essay
o    practical insight
Note:  The essay must be fully referenced using Coventry University Harvard style.
Word Count
The word count is 2250.
There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the word limit by 10% or more.
The word limit includes quotations, but excludes the bibliography.


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