Purpose : To study one ad as an argument. What are the ad’s major CLAIMS? What is the ad’s E

Purpose: To study one ad as an argument.

  • What are the ad's major CLAIMS?
  • What is the ad's EVIDENCE for each claim?
  • What are the WARRANTS that underlie the ad's argument?
  • What are the limitations of those warrants? ( In other words, the COUNTER Argument)

The paper length should be 4-5 pages in length in MLA format. The grade for this paper will be based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of Analysis: that you state your findings in an understandable and logical manner, and that you relate them clearly to your support.
  • Quality of Support: that you consider your remarks as assertions. In other words, show me that you're right. This means referring specifially to the ad's data in order to argue your own position. Hopefully, you will maximize your amount of support.
  • Quality of Counter Argument: you wont have traditional “support” for your attack on the advertisement, but you will have arguments. Your job will be to demonstrate the problems with the ad's reasoning; this will require clarity of expression, the use of examples, and a certain depth of analysis.


  • Use topic sentences for every paragraph
  • Use specific detail as evidence
  • Connect evidence to the claim
  • Use multiple pieces of support in the warrant attacks

I already have Warrants and claims you just need to write the paepr

I also have the ad chosen so i will send you a picture

pay close attention to the ads detail.

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