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Ratios analysis is as much an art as it is a science, therefore students must use common sense and sound judgment throughout the analysis. The purpose of this case study is to provide students with the opportunity to retrieve real time financial data via the Web, and analyze the financial performance of selected companies. Students will download the financial data from Qatar stock exchange website and perform ratio analysis for two companies from the same sector selected from the table below.







Qatar Navigation

Students are instructed to follow the path shown below to retrieve the financial profile for the selected company via DSM.

· Go to Qatar stock exchange website:www.qe.com.qa

· From the menu, click on listed securities then Financial Statements

· Choose the year 2018& 2019 and hit submit, and then download the annual financial reportof the two firms in the same sector.

perform the Ratio Analysis PLUS Graph based upon the following financial ratios:

· Liquidity Ratios: to measure the company’s ability to pay its bills;

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

· Activity Ratios: to measure the company’s ability to utilize its assets;

Inventory Turnover ratio

Average age of inventory

Accounts receivables Turnover

Average collection period

Total Asset turnover

· Leverage Ratios: to measure the extent to which the company’s assets are financed with debt;

Debt ratio

Times interest earned ratio

· Profitability Ratios: to measure the company’s ability to generate earnings;

GROS profit margin

Operating profit margin

Net profit margin

Return on total assets

Return on common equity

· Market Value Ratios: to measure the market perception about the company’s future prospects.




Book Value/Per Share

After calculating the financial ratios on excel sheet, each group will compare the two companies then write a report on word file highlighting the strength and weakness points for each company.

The recommended layout of your project is suggested to be as follows:

Cover page

Table of contents

Introduction Firm overview

Description of the company

Ratios analysis

Valuation & recommendation

Conclusion (summary of your results)

General Guidelines

1- Reserve the first page (cover page) to group member names, student ID, course name, anduniversity. All group member names should be on the cover page to earn marks.

2- You should write in times new roman font, size 12, with 1.5 spaces.

4- Failure to submit the group members list by the deadline is subject to mark deductions.

5- Failure to submit the soft copy online or the hard copy in class by the due date is subject to mark deductions.

6- Maximum similarity index allowed is 15%.



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