Suppose you are the market analyst of a real world company. You will be given several key… 1 answer below »

Task Description Suppose you are the market analyst of a real world company. You will be given several key tasks that require analysis and reporting to your manager: • Technical Analysis using Excel file MA_Assignment_data_UO 2020.xlsx • Discussion of results according to the questions outlined in the task • Linking findings, particularly the results of data processing to relevant theory and appropriate literature • Use UniSA Harvard Style Referencing where applicable. References must be provided. You can use the reference material available in the course or can also search for external reference if you wish. Use the following structure for each task in the report: 1. A brief introduction to the context and the main market analysis methods used. 2. Respond to the questions in order, using appropriate headings to form the body of the report. Include graphs or tables where relevant and refer to the theory to support the analysis methods you have explained. Use one or more paragraphs to explain your response to each question Include a complete reference list of all sources cited in the body of the report. There is no need to provide an executive summary, coversheet or table of contents. Task 1 Suppose you are the market analyst of a chocolate company. Your company owns brand 4 in this category. You have been given a data set of 2,000 shoppers, which reports on each shopper’s purchases of a set of brands over one year (refer to “data for Q1” in excel file). 1. Calculate the market share, penetration, purchase frequency. 2. Describe the Double Jeopardy (DJ) pattern. Is there DJ pattern in this category? 3. Fit the Dirichlet model to the data set and answer the following questions. 1. Discuss the overall fit of the Dirichlet model to the data. 2. Define niche brands. Are there niche brands in this category? Discuss the limitations for being a niche brand. 3. Evaluate your company’s brand performance in this category. 4. Discuss the managerial implications when looking to grow your brand in this category.

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