Task Person · Teach office workers how to inventory their office…

Task Person
·        Teach office workers how to inventory their office supplies ·        Tasks o   Explain how to make an inventory spreadsheet o   Show how to document inventory purchases through set suppliers o   Teach how to place office supply orders ·        Tools/Equipment o   Computer/Tablet o   Inventory Spreadsheet Template ·        Needs o   Be able to take inventory of current office supplies o   Determine reorder levels of each item or category o   Record all new inventory purchases o   Account for inventory loss/gain ·        Skills o   Keeping track of inventory o   Counting supplies o   Organizing supplies for easy reorders ·        Weakness o   Does not currently know how to perform a supply inventory o   Unorganized with supplies in the office ·        Strength o   Knows how to use computer/Excel

1. What types or format of Data Sources for needs assessment will offer you theinformation that you need? MBO or Work Planning andReview Systems 2. Why did you choose this type of needs assessment? This data source is ongoing and will keep the employees improving throughout their time at the company. 3. Who will need the training? The office personnel – at least the receptionist, possibly the entire office. 4. What type of program will you need to design? On-The-Job-Training (OJT)

5. Are there any roadblocks? If so, what are they and how do you plan to prevent them from hindering the HRD program you are planning? Yes, the persons being trained may think that keeping an inventory of office supplies will be a waste of their time and effort. The HR or management will need to explain why the task is important and make sure the employee(s) know that is will be part of their job requirement. ……. …..

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