Task: You are required to give a brief descriptive overview of your selected research project…

Task:You are required to give a brief descriptive overview of your selected research project topic, including an elaboration of the research question(s) you expect to address. Briefly cover why it is that you are interested in this topic, and what knowledge you expect will be generated in conducting this project. Effectively, this summary should communicate to the reader what specific topic will be explored for your comprehensive literature (Assessment 3 – Research Project Literature Review) and why it is important.

Design a literature search strategy based around this research topic and present a summary of your search terms / strings, and your overall approach including the particular databases used. Execute your selected literature search strategy, then summarise and assess the quality of the results received. If your search strategy requires refinement, please elaborate on the reasons, if any, for this adaptation.

Finally, present a brief summary of three articles that result from your literature search that you consider to be the most relevant to your topic and elaborate on why this is.

Scope:Commencing any research literature review requires a coherent search strategy to be developed in the earliest stage of the project. This includes being able to communicate the project topic, design an appropriate literature search and demonstrate the ability to assess the quality and relevance of the search results achieved.

Length and Presentation:The literature search and selection report should at maximum be 1000 words. Appendices may be used for supporting documents or summary tables of analysis to the extent that is appropriate. The report should be submitted as an electronic version in WORD. All reference material must be correctly cited and referenced in APA style.


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