Technical Communication: Proposal Final – Safety at Workplace


For your final paper in this course, you will be writing a formal proposal paper that will be solving a problem, improving a situation, or satisfying a need related to your field of study.  Research is an important component to this paper so be sure to select a topic that is researchable (mostly primary).  You may need to spend some time researching your field of study to gain an understanding of areas further research could be done.  Please review the technical communications rubric for specific grading requirements.  Review the sample proposal in your textbook on pages 605-614.The formal proposal must include the following components:

  • Transmittal letter
  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Informative abstract
  • Body of your paper (including the overview, statement of problem, proposed plan, feasibility, conclusion, etc.)
  • Graphic images to clarify data (charts, tables, graphs, etc.)
  • Headings
  • Reference page (in proper APA format)
  • At least 6 peer-reviewed sources; with no more than one non-juried Internet site
  • Primary research (Discuss your methods and findings)
  • Clear statement of purpose
  • Appendix (you may need to include items in your appendix such as the questionnaire you create in Week 5; however, the appendix is not a required piece unless needed)
  • Paper must be 10-12 pages (including the Transmittal letter, Title page, Table of Contents, Informative Abstract, Body, and Reference page)

Note: I am going to send the a sample of Transmittal letter and a sample of proposal which is in our text book.