The article should cover one of the following : · Landform regions of Australia · Climate and climat

The article should cover one of the following:


·         Landform regions of Australia

·         Climate and climate zones of Australia

·         Biogeography or endemics of Australia (endemics are species of vegetation or animals that are unique to a given region)

·         Current land disputes between Australia’s Aboriginal population and non-Aboriginals/European Settlers

·         Natural hazards and disasters in Australia (e.g., Cyclone Tracy, wildfires, etc.)

·         Earthquakes in New Zealand

·         Relationship between New Zealanders and Maori with respect to culture

·         Australian immigration issues


Then write a 1-2 page reflection paper describing that article using APA format (please visit the Academic Resource Center for a concise guide on APA format).  Please write the reflection paper as if it were going to be the content for a traveler’s website (e.g., Trip Advisor).  Be sure to explain why the LIRN article provides information that a traveler to the region would be interested in knowing before visiting.  Please include the APA citation in your paper (list the citation first).



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