The periodic table is an exquisite representation of the organized and interconnected world of the..

The periodic table is an exquisite representation of the organized and interconnected world of the elements. The periodic table reflects both the physical and chemical characteristics of every element. There are many layers of organization to the periodic table that are not apparent to the casual observer. In writing this paper, you will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the periodic table and interrelatedness of matter itself.

Write a research paper about one element from the periodic table of the elements. Select an element that you find interesting and tell the story of that element. In doing so, explain how the element relates to the elements around it in the periodic table and why the element is in that particular location on the table of elements. Below is a list of aspects to explain in the paper:

Who discovered your selected element
When it was discovered
Modern and ancient uses of the element
Ways in which the element’s use impacts our daily lives
Ten (10) physical properties
Ten (10) chemical properties
Your paper should be at least 3 pages long with at least 750 words. The paper should have a title page, the body of the paper, and a bibliography of sources. Use at least four reputable sources, which can include scientific journals, popular press, and one Internet source. Write your paper in a Word document in APA format. This assignment is due at midnight on Sunday at the end of Week 7.

If you are unsure about how to reference information, please ask your instructor or visit the APA website. Please remember that Excelsior College subscribes to, the world’s largest plagiarism detection service, and will check submissions.

Guidelines to APA format including a sample paper may be found at: Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or the American Psychological Association website.

See the Course Calendar for the due date.

Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and require uploading images or PowerPoint slides, please follow uploading guidelines provided by your instructor.

Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. When you are ready to submit your work, click “Upload Submission.” Enter the submission title and then click on “Select a file to upload.” Browse your computer, and select your file. Click “Open” and verify the correct file name has appeared next to Submission File. Click on “Continue.” Confirm submission is correct and then click on “Accept Submission & Save.”


This course has Turnitin® fully integrated into the course dropbox. This means that you should only submit your assignments to the dropbox below. Please do not submit your assignment directly to

Once submitted, your assignment will be evaluated by Turnitin® automatically. You will be able to view an Originality Report within minutes of your first submission that will show how much of your work has been identified as similar to other sources such as websites, textbooks, or other student papers. Use your Originality Report as a learning tool to identify areas of your assignment that you may not have cited appropriately. You may resubmit your assignment through this dropbox as many times as you need to check to see if you have made improvements, until the due date of the assignment. However, once you have made your first submission, you will need to wait 24 hours after each subsequent submission to receive a new Originality Report. Plan accordingly as you draft your assignment. Once the due date has passed, your assignment submission will be considered final.


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