The Professional Identity Reflection assignment is a critical reflective analysis of your…

The Professional Identity Reflection assignment is a critical reflective analysis of your personal identity development as a marketer. The word count for the final Professional Identity Reflection is a maximum of 1000 words, which must be accompanied by a progressive reflective journal developed throughout the course and submitted as an Appendix.

While the journal entries will not be marked the progressive journal represents evidence of continual critical reflection and therefore forms the basis for the Professional Identity Reflection. As such, the journal Appendix is a necessary part of the requirements for this final assignment. NB While it is ideal that you make frequent and regular journal entries, there must be a minimum of three touchpoints (at least one entry every 3 or 4 weeks) containing reflections on personal learnings, issues, problem solving, etc.

The format for this assignment is entirely up to you. However, make sure that you are succinct and use appropriate academic language including attention to detail in terms of proper grammar and spelling. There is no need for academic references but you should refer to your reflective journal where appropriate. Therefore, it would help you to ensure that you date your journal entries and insert page numbers throughout.

Suggested broad layout:

    • Your understanding of the role of a marketer prior to entering the course
    • Explanation of how the course content and assessment activities have contributed to further understanding of the role and responsibilities of a marketer
    • Description of three key marketing learnings resulting from completion of the course

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