There is a lot of chemistry going on all around you. If you start to observe a bit more intentionall

There is a lot of chemistry going on all around you. If you start  to observe a bit more intentionally, you will notice many new discoveries, articles, news stories, and breakthrough research happening everyday. And science can only be useful and keep moving forward if it is shared. For this topic, I want you to 
find a current article relating to chemistry and share it with the class. In your post, please include the following: 1. A proper APA citation of your article, including a direct link to it that we can visit. 2. A sufficient summary of the article in common language that could be understood by the general public. 3. Its implications for society, benefits, drawbacks, practicality, etc. This is where you discuss your personal thoughts regarding the article. You must also include questions to your classmates that invite discussion and further the dialogue

    • Posted: 4 years ago
    • Due: 14/12/2015
    • Budget: $20

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