This assessment item provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of…

Aim of assessment

This assessment item provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship

that exists between human factors, workplace performance and quality and safety in healthcare. Discussion and

critique must be informed by evidence from the literature.

Assessment task details

This assessment task requires students to respond to the following assessment 2 critical appraisal essay task:

Informedbyevidencefromtheliteratureidentifyhumanfactorsthat impactonworkperformance

and thencriticallyanalysetherelationshipbetweentheseandqualityandsafetyinhealthcare


The marking standards and criteria that will be used for marking this assessment can be found later in thisLearning

Guide. Before submitting the assessment make sure that it responds to all of the required criteria.

Reading instructions:

– Students should read widely from the literature related to human factors that impact on work performance.

– The literature related to quality and safety in health care provision should also be included in students’ reading.

– Students can then critically appraise the literature and use it to inform thinking and writing so that the

final essay includes information that is evidence-based.

Referencing instructions

– A reference list must be included at the end of the essay

– All authors cited in the text of an answer must be included in the reference list.

– There must be no author listed in the reference list who has not been cited in-text.

– In-text referencing and referencing in the reference list must comply with APA referencing style guidelines.

Word count

– Use your computer to total the number of words in your assignment, that is, 2000 words plus or minus


– In-text citations account for the additional 10% word count.

– The reference list is not included in the word count

– A marker may stop marking at 2,200 words


1. Critical appraisal essay PowerPoint presentation has been prepared by the Professional Communication and

Academic Literacy Support (PCALS) team. It provides a detailed, step by step guide that explains how

best to prepare for, and structure, the critical appraisal essay.

2. An exemplar essay will be available in the vUWS site.

3. American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing Style Guide is available in the unit vUWS site and

via the Library homepage/Guides

4. 400777 Learning Modules provide information that can inform your thinking about what content that

could be included in your answer.

5. Information about how to access additional readings for assessment 2 will be available in the vUWS


6. A discussion board is available on the vUWS site so that students can ask assessment related questions

of the unit coordinator and can also discuss the questions with other students

7. School of Nursing and Midwifery Literacy support: The School of Nursing and Midwifery has staff

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