Tourism Systems (Singapore)

Despite limitations, Singapore has performed commendably as a tourism destination. The island city has grown from strength to strength, exhibiting steady growth in tourism arrivals. Over the years, the government has carefully planned and invested in the tourism industry to achieve success.


Analyze the role that the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has played to support the success of Singapore as a tourism destination. Your report should include a description of:

-Background of the Singapore Tourism Board (5 marks)

-Organization structure (5 marks)

-Resources at their disposal (5 marks)

– How they have contributed to the success of Singapore as a tourism destination (20 marks)

– How they have handled the recovery of a crisis situation that threatened Singapore’s tourism industry (10 marks)

– Conclusion


Include a bibliography at the end of your assignment. Include 5 Refrences with proper APA format/ sources listed in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name, page number at the bottom of the page. Essay should be approximately 2200 to 2500 words.

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