value of strategic forecasting to an organization

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Read Bishop & Hines.
Bishop, P., & Hines, A. (eds.) (2015). Thinking about the future: Guidelines for strategic
foresight. Kindle Edition: Hinesight.
Write an approximate 1200-word reaction paper on the concepts. Include in your discussion:
– What is the value of strategic forecasting to an organization? Why is it important to crisis action planning? Why is it necessary to frame the problem and set objectives? Why is teamwork important?
– Why is history important when attempting to understand the future? How can we avoid preparing for the future as if it’s a continuation of the past? Do some people have more skill with prediction than others, and how should that be used to advantage?
– Explain drivers, change trajectories, and turning points. What value does beginning with the desired end state and working backwards to the present provide?
– Why is it necessary to put a strategic vision in a time continuum? Why is the evaluation of unintended consequences important? What is meant by ‘leverage the positive’?
– What are some effective strategies to use in communicating strategic action plans to an organization?
(1) Provide an introduction that gives the background, purpose, and overview of the topic that you are reviewing, so the reader will understand what they’re reading and why. (2) Provide a body with a discussion of the topics organized with headings. (3). Provide a conclusion wrapping up the paper. See the APA Paper Templates in the Resources section.
Be sure to provide this and all papers in proper APA format and no less than 4 peer reviewed sources to include your text.

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