Write a research paper on a topic related to your service project . To do so, formulate an inquiry-based research question and answer it by combining your own analysis of the subject with information from reliable sources. Your research question may be on any specific, debatable topic related to your service. Past students have successfully written on topics such as:
a. Should Florida’s minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour?
b. What benefits can art therapy offer to children with autism?
c. Are electronic cigarettes healthier than traditional cigarettes?
d. Should plastic bags be banned in Miami Dade County?
e. What are the impacts of community gardens in low-income neighborhoods?
These are sample questions only. You should form your own question related to your service learning project and based on a topic that interests you (remember that the topic is related to, not necessarily about, your service learning). Make sure your topic is debatable (reasonable people could disagree on the best way to answer your question) and manageable (you can adequately address it in a 5-8 page paper).
Your thesis will be the answer to your question, formed only after you have conducted research into your topic. Your body paragraphs should include topic sentences and specific evidence. Focus on one idea per paragraph. Since you are writing on a topic about which people might disagree, be sure to include the counterpoint (the opposite side’s argument) and your refutation or concession.
You must conduct research and cite at least four sources in your final paper. At least two of your sources must be scholarly books or articles from the MDC library databases. One source must be an interview or survey conducted by you. You are allowed only one popular source from a reliable website.
Include a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page and in-text citations, and use MLA formatting throughout. This paper should be 5-8 pages long. ( my service learning was helping with kids with cancer)

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