What Managers in your firm do – a General Analysis: Obtain job descriptions for managerial… 1 answer below »

Company Name:- Myer

1. Key facts on your Company.(200-400 words)

1.1 Size, numbers of personnel, market share

1.2 Organisation, structure….

1.3 Vision, culture ……..

2. What Managers in your firm do – a General Analysis: (200-400words)

2.1Obtain job descriptions for managerial positions in your firm

2.2 Identify the qualifications and skills sought , when recruiting.

2.3 What is the key skill sets needed to be a successful Manager in

Your organization?

3. Describe the relationship between the Manager and the employees in

your Organisation. (200 -400 words)

3.1 How do Managers model and establish high standards of

performance in these firms?

3.2 Explain what motivates people in your Organisation.

4. Leadership: (200-400 words)

4.1 Research the background of the CEO of your organisation and

his/her vision for the future.

4.2 Analyse the differing Leadership qualities demonstrated in your



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