What Units of Analysis? Units of analysis are the specific entities researchers collect…

  1. What Units of Analysis?
    1. Units of analysis are the specific entities researchers collect information about
      1. Crimes involve four elements that are often easier to recognize in the abstract than they are to actually measure:
      2. Offender
        1. Without an offender there is no crime

        3. Victim

        1. Some sort of victim is required
        2. In a legal sense, victimless crimes do not exist because crimes are acts that injure society, organizations, and/or individuals

        4. Offense

        1. An individual act of burglary, auto theft, bank robbery, and so on

        5. Incident

        1. FBI: one or more offenses committed by the same offender, or group of offenders acting in concert, at the same time and place

Select two criminal events from local newspapers and identify the four elements identified by the authors in the section “What Units of Analysis?”

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