Why should Senior Care be Free and accessible to all The United State aging population is as big…

Why should Senior Care be Free and accessible to all

The United State aging population is as big as it size in 2010 and should increase in the next 30 years by 2 billions. Aging starts generally at 65 years and can occur to other people earlier than at this age. This aging population is called the baby boom generation and born between 1946 and 1964. According to the statistics, the United States do not hold the title of the country that detain the most-highest percentage of aging’s population. What repercussion has a high percentage of aging population on the government? A high rate of seniors is big problem and it is an economic disadvantage for the government. The elderlies health cost is one of the major concern. Based on the assignment, Tamara Thompson “Is the Growing Elderly Population a Serious Problem?” Robert B and Laura Summer “Doomsday Predictions About Population Aging Are Exaggerated” and H.S. BRJI “Global Economic Issues of an Aging Population” articles will enlighten our knowledge about the impacts of aging in society.

Seniors are one of the vulnerable Humans on earth. There are not only good sides about aging like having seniors around us, learning from their valuable experiences and spending good times with them;however there are also negatives impacts in the society.


One of the first impact of having an aging population in our society is health care related. Nowadays, many seniors live longer with ongoing heatlh issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and many others that can’t be cured but are able to be treated. This process requires a long-term care which is very expensive and not accessible toeveryone.Ken Dychwald gerontologist, who is an expert in the field, after exploring all the aspects gave a name “age wave” to describe the impending circumstance. The growing percentage of the senior have a heavy impact in the economic sector.

The aging society is a big problem for the country economy. The balance between the spending and the revenues is the main concern of the Government because they have to support financially senior health care and retirement programs due to theirs incapacitate to work, to earn their own money in order to meet their daily needs. The family relationship also has its own impact.

The middle-class families can barely afford some basic thing. On the other hand, let’s talk about the time that needs to be devoted to them. Care for a beloved parent require much time that is hard to observe specially in big cities where time flaw fast. Usually families have their own activities like work, school, hobbies and so on. The working-class sector is impacted by the aging factor in the society.

A decline is also observed in the working sector due to a high percentage of ageing population. The lack of strong and valid arms will be notes which will impact the quality of the business and will require more productivity, a high labor cost and disqualified many businesses at the international market.


The life expectancy of Americans population over 60 years is at a much higher level compared to other countries. The senior with long term care is a challenge and a preoccupation to all. A study conducted by researcher demonstrate that the population is aging more and will be out of control by 2050. Aging count as well as a negative effect than positive one. The global change has a big impact on that factor. The question to know is what precaution does, the government takes to help the different risk factors of aging in Society? All of the aspects in aging sector should be reconsider by the government and all the society in order to avoid a huge loss for the country. Tamara Thompson, Robert B and Laura Summer, H.S. BORJI articles have each another a relevant and a persuasive case on aging in society topic. All of the 3 articles are almost similar and underlines a good point that is fine a better solution to the problem. Aging is one of the steps we will all go through, so lets take good care of the elderly arounds us.


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