Wilkinson, J.I. (2014). In defense of American criminal justice. Vanderbuilt Law Review, (4), 1138.

Wilkinson, J.I. (2014). In defense of American criminal justice. Vanderbuilt Law Review, (4), 1138. Questions: 1. What is your critical assessment of the American justice system? 2. Wilkinson states I do not deny that the foregoing indictment of indigent criminal defense contains some truth, but I part company with the critics insofar as they perceive a systemic problem of constitutional proportions. Their most elementary error is to equate any correlation between defective representation and wrongful convictions with a causal relationship between the two. Explain he error Wilkinson illustrates. Given the totality of the argument beginning in (p.1119), Do you agree or disagree? Why? 3. What are the arguments for and against prosecutorial discretion? Explain 4. Explain the concept of Plea Bargaining. What are some of the pro and cons? Acknowledging its shortcomings, in the end do you believe it enhances the American criminal justice process? Explain. It is of utmost importance that you thoroughly discuss your answer to the questions, infuse your own experiences (if applicable) and/or state any ideas, opinions, solutions, and/or problems your research has generated. Justify your answers, ideas, opinions, positions, etc. and defend your logic. You are encouraged to expand around the main subject into areas that may validate or disprove different points of view, as it regards to the question being asked. You are expected to reference concepts, principles, lessons learned, studies, and research you studied during your program study. Therefore, the ability to illustrate the totality of your knowledge is a critical requirement. You will provide a case study analysis report. It must be a minimum of 3,000 words (excluding title page and references).

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