With an emphasis on leadership theory and use of data to drive instruction, conduct a literature… 1 answer below »

With an emphasis on leadership theory and use of data to drive instruction, conduct a literature review of at least ten (10) current (5-7 year of publishing), scholarly, peer-reviewed, primary source research studies published in a variety of professional journals. The studies need to focus on a current issue a Superintendent may face. Theoretical or conceptual pieces, books from academic presses, and government and technical reports could be included as supporting materials. Be certain to follow APA format accurately and be careful not to plagiarize. You are highly encouraged to connect this literature review with a question of interest for your dissertation topic: PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION.

In your literature review include the following and organize using subheadings when appropriate:

· Ten studies must be primary, empirically based resources from scholarly, peer reviewed sources related to your topic of interest.

· The review must offer a scholarly dialogue and not simply a summary or list of what has been done on the topic

· Synthesize common threads in the existing research related to your topic of choice

· Identify patterns in the literature, as well as critique of the literature.

· Be certain to identify gaps in knowledge, any conflicts in findings, approaches and/or methodologies commonly used by prior researchers.

· How a study of this issue offers additional scholarship on the topic, and furthers teacher leadership.

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