World.javapublic class World { private Country[] countries; private int numCountries; //CONSTRUCTORS

World.javapublic class World { private Country[] countries; private int numCountries; //CONSTRUCTORS public World(int capacity){ } //ACCESSORS public Country getCountry(int indexToGet){ } public int getNumCountries(){ } //MUTATORS public boolean addCountry(Country newCountry){ } public boolean removeCountry(String countryToRemove){ } //MORE INTERFACE METHODS public int nameToIndex(String countryToFind){ } //TOSTRING public String toString(){ } } ITECH1000 Programming 1_Assignment2Specification.docx ITECH1000 Programming 1 Assignment 2 – Development of a Simple Program Involving Multiple Classes Due Date: see Course Description for full details Please see the Course Description for further information related to extensions for assignments and Special Consideration. Project Specification Please read through the entire specification PRIOR to beginning work. The assignment should be completed in the stages mentioned below. The objectives of this assignment are for you to: Write your own classes from a specification Instantiate objects of these classes Perform required tasks by creating and manipulating objects in the code of one class through the public interfaces of the classes of the objects being manipulated. Resources Required The following files/links are available on Moodle: An electronic copy of this assignment specification sheet A sample program involving multiple classes Starting code for two of the classes to be developed Note: If you use any resources apart from the course material to complete your assignment you MUST provide an in-text citation within your documentation and/or code, as well as providing a list of references in APA formatting. This includes the use of any websites, online forums, books, or text books. If you are unsure of how to do this please ask for help. Design Constraints Your program should conform to the following…

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