write a 4-5 page, double-spaced word document size 12 font ariel, that analyzes the following case i

write a 4-5 page, double-spaced word document size 12 font ariel, that analyzes the following case in light of four of the following ethical theories: utilitarianism, deontological ethics, virtue ethics, natural law theory, and care ethics. Specifically identify which of the four ethical theories you are using. Be sure to use specific concepts and principles for each of these theories how you approach the case.


The most controversial moral issue of our time may well be the issue of abortion. The Supreme Court's liberal ruling has not diminished the vigor of the debate. The very mention of the issue can trigger emotional outbursts. Most people tend to gravitate toward polar positions: ''.Anything less than abortion on demand ia denial of the most basic right owomen” or “Any form of abortion at any stage of pregnancis premeditated murder.” In taking such positions, they close their minds to the complexities of the issue and miss the many distinctions that must be made. Any meaningful discussion of abortion must address at least these fundamental questions: Does woman have absolute rights over her bodor are there limitations on those rights? When does life begin? At what stage of prenatal development, if any, is thfetus properlregarded as a person? (This question is crucial one in the law because at the moment person is present, the issue of civil rights arises.) Are there sufficient differences among the various kinds of abortion cases to call for different moral judgments? For example, is thcase of the 14-year-old victim of rape different from that of the wealthy, childless society matron? Are either of those cases different from that of the poor woman who already has ten children or from that of the young married working woman? Discuss how the issue of abortion may be viewed in light of 4 distinct ethical theories.


My professor is all about facts so the more you can relate your view to the different ethical theories the better he doesnt want the paper to be strictly on feeling but like i said the 4 different theories which ever one you pick also in the hw field of study i put english homework because that is all they had that was close but it is for an ethics class.

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