Write a coherent, well-organized paper. Be sure that your paper has an introduction, a main body… 1 answer below »

You will review and report on approximately 40-50 articles of importance in your area of interest. You may find as you are writing that you still need to support some parts of your argument better with more research, or that some research does not really fit with your overall organization and plan.

Write a coherent, well-organized paper. Be sure that your paper has an introduction, a main body that is subdivided by topic and subtopic, and a summary. Your summary should draw a conclusion based on your review of the research. This can include what type of program would be best to either prevent or intervene in the problem you focused on, in the population that you chose, or where the research needs to expand to answer your questions. You may find that there is insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion, or that a new program needs to be devised to meet the needs of that particular population.

Length: 25-30 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course, and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.


Attached I have the assignments that I have worked on all semester to compile into this final assignment.

Attachment 1: IsbellEPSYC6510-1 – Preparation of topicAttachment 2: IsbellEPSYC6510-2 – Extent of problem related to research topicAttachment 3: IsbellEPSYC6510-3 – Introduce problem and defend its importanceAttachment 4: IsbellEPSYC6510- 5- Annotated bibliography (15 articles)Attachment 5: IsbellEPSYC6510-6 – Ethics, gender, and diversity issuesAttachment 6: IsbellEPSYC6510 – 7A – Graphic representation (40 articles and references)Attachment 7: IsbellEPSYC6510 – 7B – Annotated OutlineAttachment 8: Grading Ruberic

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