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Hi i attach the class note and the Description.

i want you to write narrative about “1. your first time away from home “(1)i attach page of event organizer i want you to write theOutlines on it.(2)Explain how I were worried and confused and scared when I arrived in America away from the states of Saudi Arabia “write a story of imagination” in one page and it must be in 5 paragraph.

paragraph 1
Introduction.paragraph 2 to 4
Body.paragraph 5

use a simple words and use basicgrammar

thetheOutlines it must be done in 10 hours . please

Document Preview:

Narrative Writing Ideas your first day at a new job or school a disastrous date a moment of failure or success an encounter that changed your life an experience that led to renewed faith a strange job interview an experience that demonstrated how labor-saving devices can be more trouble than they’re worth an experience that left you disillusioned an embarrassing experience a frightening experience a memorable journey an encounter with someone or something you were afraid of an occasion when you experienced rejection your first visit to the country (or to a large city) the breakup of a friendship an experience that showed how we should be careful of what we wish for a significant misunderstanding a dangerous experience an experience that showed how appearances can be deceiving an account of a difficult decision that you had to make an event that marked a turning point in your life a historic event a memorable encounter with someone in authority an act of heroism or cowardice a rebellious act a brush with greatness a brush with death a time that you took a stand on an important issue an experience that altered your view of someone a vacation trip from your childhood your first time away from home a day when everything went right (or wrong) an experience that made you laugh until you cried the day you decided to change your life the experience of being lost an unexpected encounter surviving a hurricane or a tornado (or other natural disaster) an experience that taught you a lesson an important discovery an eyewitness account of an important event an experience that helped you grow up Literary Device Example Simile – Compare 2 unlike things using LIKE/AS Her heart was as black as coal. Metaphor – Compare 2 unlike things without LIKE/AS Their goalie was a brick wall! Onomatopoeia- Word that resembles a sound Tick-tock, bang, click, moo, squeak, bark, crash, buzz Alliteration – multiple words that start with the same sound Sally sells sea shells. Joe was a…

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