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You are required to deliver a business report that focuses on the use of information systems of a company of your choice that address the following questions. The company you choose has to employ good Information Systems to support the business strategy and gain competitive advantage. Your report should focus on how information systems contributed to the success of the company. The report should address the following areas: 1. Industry and company profile. Provide description of your chosen company that includes (a) Background history, products or services it is offering (b) What is the overall organization business strategy. 2. Information Technology. a. Explain the current IS/IT strategy used and how it served to achieve the organization business strategy. b. b. Considerable discussions and disagreements occur among IT professionals regarding outsourcing. One will defend the strategy of large-scale outsourcing. One will oppose it. Discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing to your company. Also consider the issue of offshore outsourcing. c. What information systems and technologies does your company use in each of its departments? d. . Suppose your business is similar to Amazon. Visit Discuss how IT adds value to the customer’s purchase experience at How much of the company’s success do you attribute to its use of information systems? e. . Now consider the airline industry. Identify how IT adds business value in this industry as compared to Amazon. Be sure to address value-added both directly and indirectly by IT. f. What is the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in your company? What decisions does he/she make and what is his/her span of authority? How does he set his/her department strategies?


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