Your friend Rob is from WA and he wants to start a business of his own. He is thinking of…

Assignment details: Your friend Rob is from WA and he wants to start a business ofhis own. He is thinking of buying a Bakery in Melbourne. The shop has been there for several years but Rob does not have sufficient savings and he may have to borrow a large amount of money to As you are an accounting student, you have been asked to advise the following: a. What are the options of the forms of organisation that Rob can adopt for the business? Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each option for Rob. b. Will the choice of organisation affect the availability of finance for his business? Explain. c. How can he raise the required finance? What security do you think he will need to provide? d. How and what accounting information will assist Rob in making decisions in purchasing the business? What non-financial information should he be requesting? e. What skills and/or accounting knowledge will he need to manage the business?

…..,-mienysis through independent research

Please outline your responses to the above issues and provide your advice and recommendations to Rob in a report.


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